Talia Grant changes name to Tylan

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  • 7 April 2021
Talia Grant

Tylan Grant

'Hollyoaks' star Talia Grant has changed their name to Tylan after coming out as non-binary

Talia Grant has changed their name to Tylan.

The 'Hollyoaks' star – whose parents are 'Fame Academy' coaches David and Carrie Grant – has updated their Instagram bio to reflect the change.

It reads: "tylan grant



the arrow and the heart, growing n growing~ready for a revolution! ~ currently playing Brooke on @hollyoaksofficial (sic)"

Last week, Tylan – who plays Brooke Hathaway on the Channel 4 soap – wished everyone a happy autism awareness week.

They wrote on Instagram: "Happy autism awareness week. my needs are not just “special”, they are mandatory!!!!

love to all my autistic and neurodivergent ppl <3 (sic)"

In December, Tylan said coming out as non-binary was their "biggest achievement" of 2020.

Asked what Tylan's biggest achievement of 2020 is, they said: "Coming out to people has been probably the biggest achievement, coming out as non-binary, that’s probably been one of the biggest transitions in my life and also the biggest achievement."

In July last year, Tylan insisted black people are treated as "disposable" within the TV industry.

They said: "It's amazing that there is a black cast and there's all of us and there is that diversity, but I can't help but feel that sometimes in the industry and in life in general, they treat black people like we're disposable.

"They can capitalise off of us without actually doing the real work behind the scenes. It's great for us to be in a high-up position, but the revolution will not be changed by diversity training or racism training. It will be changed by people changing their attitude, and the way the structural system works.

"I'm extremely grateful for 'Hollyoaks', especially with my autism, because they really made that effort – they all went on training and I just felt really accepted and understood and I was finally in a place where people didn't view me as a problem. It's people's outlook and attitude that need to change."

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