Rebecca Romijn's cheesy pregnancy

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 September 2008
Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn's cheesy pregnancy

Pregnant Rebecca Romijn is craving soy cream cheese.

The 'Ugly Betty' star - who is expecting twin daughters with husband Jerry O'Connell later this year - can't get enough of the bizarre savoury snack, and Jerry has been busy keeping the kitchen stocked with her favourite foods.

He said: "Lemonade always has to be in our fridge. That's my job. Also soy cream cheese. It's crazy, right? Can't be cream cheese. Soy cream cheese. Do you know how difficult it is to find soy cream cheese? It's usually in the corner of the supermarket someplace!"

Jerry, who married Rebecca last summer in an intimate Los Angeles ceremony, also revealed the 35-year-old actress' appetite is growing bigger every day.

He added to People magazine: "Meals are not missed. We promptly hit them and if we're a little late, then... somebody's not happy."

Jerry, 34, has previously spoken about Rebecca's "crazy" pregnancy palate.

He said: "Rebecca has been craving a lot of ice cream! And not any one particular brand... a lot of the different ones at Ben and Jerry's, but also other crazy brands."

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