Darnell's wasp sting

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 September 2008


Darnell was stung by a wasp this afternoon. The US rapper was cuddling fellow 'Big Brother' contestant Sara on the sofa but when she moved to allow him to get more comfortable he suddenly leapt up and began bellowing he had been stung.

As Darnell paced around the living room clutching his shoulder in agony, smug chef Rex tried to see where he had been bitten and immediately remarked Darnell had not been stung at all.

Sara was more sympathetic, and ordered Darnell - who she has been enjoying a flirtation with in recent days - to got o the Diary Room to consult Big Brother.

The rapper dutifully did as he was told, and re-emerged saying Big Brother was going to give him ice and antihistamine to help calm down the sting.

He then complained his back felt like it had "needles" in it, adding he had never been stung before which was why he hadn't known what to do.

Darnell also joked it was a good job wasp-phobic Lisa has left the house as she would have been "screaming" and the insect would have probably stung her in "the eye".

Rachel sighed: "The wasps have eaten all the caterpillars and now they're stinging all the housemates."

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