Mo's Mikey tease

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 September 2008


Mohamed teased Mikey about his relationship with Rachel today. As Mikey lounged around in the living room and Rachel prepared the 'Big Brother' housemates' evening meal, Mohamed spotted the opportune moment for a wind-up.

When Mikey revealed he was looking forward to having mashed potato for his dinner, Rachel replied: "They won't be done until later tonight, mind, Mikey."

Mohamed immediately shouted: "Did you just say, 'My Mikey?' "

Rachel replied: "No."

Not prepared to let the truth get in the way of a good gag, Mo giggled: "You did! You just said 'My Mikey.' "

An exasperated Mikey interjected: "Contrary to popular belief, Mohamed. I don't actually fancy Rachel. I just like her as a friend, believe it or not."

Rachel agreed, adding: "We have been friends since day one."

Mikey revealed: "When folk start going out with people it just spoils the friendship anyway."

Refusing to give up, Mohamed queried: "So you don't want to go out with Rachel?"

Rachel said: "It's nothing like that Mo."

Mikey chimed in: "Absolutely not."

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