Mikey's final talk

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  • 1 September 2008


Mikey tried to calm Darnell's nerves about being in the final week of 'Big Brother' today. The foul-mouthed comic showed a more sensitive side as he attempted to convince Darnell it was a great achievement to be in the final week of the show and he should stop worrying about when he might be leaving.

Kathreya unwittingly uncovered Darnell's anxieties about a secret eviction - which the housemates are expecting to take place on Wedneday, but is actually planned for Tuesday - when she asked him to start writing the song about being in the final had previously promised her.

Darnell replied: "I'm not writing it until I know I'm in it. Big Brother said he can't confirm or deny any of us are in the final."

Determined to be the voice of reason, Mikey declared: "We just need to think ourselves lucky we're in the final week because a lot of people, like Steph who was voted out in the first week, will see us moaning about being in the final week. That's why I'm not moaning, because people like Steph will be absolutely devastated that they left in the first week.

"They'll not believe we're going on to such a length about the final week. I mean honestly, it's such a big thing to get to Monday of the final week."

Not really taking on board Mikey's comments, Darnell explained: "To be so close, it's like a tease and then obviously you have to be scared that they want to do a shocker.

"It's lonely. To go out would be the loneliest thing, for me and my personality anyway."

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