Katherine Ryan 'loved' her boob job

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  • 1 April 2021
Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan thinks having breast implants helped to "balance" out her body shape

Katherine Ryan "loved" having breast implants.

The 37-year-old comedian decided to have a breast enlargement in her 20s in order to "balance" out her body shape and she admits it made her happier at the time.

She shared: "I wish I could say that it didn’t. I know that the right answer is ‘no’, that you should never treat your body like a trend or have a general anaesthetic to put bags of silicone in, but unfortunately that isn’t how I feel. I loved having breast implants."

During her younger years, Katherine wanted to be seen as "pretty and quiet and soft".

But she admits her sense of humour has the potential to offend people.

She told The Times newspaper: "I thought the best thing one could be was pretty and quiet and soft, like a cheerleader. And I wasn’t wrong. I seemed to have this sense of humour that offended people and I didn’t want to be that way."

Katherine – who has an 11-year-old daughter called Violet – is surprised by the success she's enjoyed as a comedian in the UK, having arrived in the country in her 20s.

The actress – who was born in Sarnia in Canada – reflected: "I didn’t ever think I would do as well as I have. I never imagined that people would come to see me on purpose. But I just tried as hard as I could at comedy because it seemed to make the most sense for a single mum."

Katherine also thinks pub culture is the reason why stand-up comedy thrives in the UK.

And despite being born in Canada, she actually thinks Brits are funnier people.

She quipped: "I don’t care if Canadians don’t like me. I’m a waitress to them. That’s why I left."

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