Charlotte Dawson threatens to 'out' online trolls after newborn son is branded 'ugly'

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  • 1 April 2021
Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson has threatened to "out" social media users after she received cruel comments about her newborn son

Charlotte Dawson has hit back at a troll who called her son "f****** ugly".

The 28-year-old star – who gave birth to her son Noah nine weeks ago – has threatened to "out" social media users who post cruel comments about her boy.

She said: "I put the picture of Noah on Instagram last night and a girl who has actually got quite a lot of followers on Instagram, she put, 'Well you have got a f****** ugly kid’. Wow.

"I publicly humiliated that girl because I think if you have got so much balls to write that publicly on my Instagram then I will out her."

Charlotte – who is the daughter of the late comedy star Les Dawson – has also been the target of hateful comments online.

She told The Sun Online: "I have messages saying, 'I feel sorry for him that he has got you as a mum' and stuff like that."

Charlotte considers herself to be quite thick-skinned, but she's been shocked by the nasty comments she's received about her son.

The star – who is engaged to Matt Sarsfield – explained: "I am very good at handling stuff but when it comes to my child it is a lot different, it’s not fair.

"When I was pregnant I was a lot worse, I was struggling because I thought how can people be so nasty about an unborn child. It’s just weird. People are so awful.

"I just feel like my mental health is always good, I am always positive, I am a lot better than my mum, who always reads stuff about me and my dad but when it is about your own child, I understand now. I was so angry and upset.

"I just think how can you be nasty to a baby? How can you say these comments? Don’t be nasty, you don’t know what is going through people’s heads. It’s disgusting. Why? What is so bad about me? I am a good mum, I am trying my hardest. People are just awful."

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