Nick Miles: Emmerdale fans will be surprised by stunt death

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  • 31 March 2021
Nick Miles

Nick Miles

'Emmerdale' star Nick Miles has insisted fans "might be surprised" about who dies after this week's stunt, and admitted his character Jimmy King is "on the card" to meet his maker

Nick Miles says Jimmy King is "on the card" to die in this week's 'Emmerdale' stunt.

The 58-year-old actor has played the character for the past 17 years, but has hinted he may well meet his maker in this weeks' huge sequence, the ITV soap's biggest stunt since the coronavirus pandemic began.

He said: "I think people might be surprised. I think they'll know it's one of three people by now and I'm on the card. But they won't know who yet."

The action will unfold when Jimmy loses control of his vehicle which careers off the road at speed and ploughs into farm buildings, resulting in a series of explosive events which will eventually lead to the untimely death of at least one character.

And Nick admitted if his time is up on the show then he has "nothing to be sorry for".

Reflecting on his 17 years in the Dales, he said: "It goes incredibly fast.

"It is partly to do with story.

"I've had a great run at 17 years and if this is the end of it then I've got nothing to be sorry for."

Nick revealed the initial plan was for another character to pull Jimmy out of the cab, but they realised that wouldn't be possible due to the two-metre coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

Speaking on 'Lorraine', he added: "The first conversation I had with a producer about it, I was told another character would be dragging me from the cab of the van.

"I said, 'How are we doing that at two metres distance?'

"There was a very long silence and when it came to it nobody was dragging me from any van."

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