Mr Motivator owns 500 bumbags across two continents

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  • 29 March 2021
Mr Motivator

Mr Motivator

Mr Motivator has revealed he owns 400 bumbags in Jamaica and 100 bumbags in the UK

Mr Motivator owns 500 bumbags.

The 68-year-old fitness instructor – whose real name is Derrick Evans – is well-known for his eye-catching attire and has revealed he owns hundreds of bumbags on two different continents.

Asked how many bumbags he owns, he replied: "Approximately 400 in Jamaica and 100 here. They’re stored in sliding trays underneath my bed next to my unitards, which are rolled up with the headbands."

The TV star – who rose to fame on 'GMTV' in the 1990s – was awarded an MBE last year.

However, he initially though that the confirmation email from Buckingham Palace was just "spam".

He said: "The email arrived late one evening, I thought it was spam.

"I said to my wife: 'Look at this, someone’s having a laugh.' She said: 'No, read it. You’ve got 48 hours to respond.' What a great feeling to be recognised for something you enjoy doing."

The fitness guru's career has been badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

But he has found a creative solution in order to thrive over the last 12 months.

Asked how he's managed to stay sane during the lockdown, he replied: "A lot of my bookings for music festivals and sales conferences were cancelled, so I created an online platform for forgotten groups like older people.

"It’s not fitness I’m into, it’s wellbeing and making people smile."

The Jamaican-born star thinks he has a unique keep-fit style.

Speaking about his approach to fitness, he told The Sunday Times newspaper: "You don’t have to be running up hills or doing cartwheels, you just have to tap your feet to the music and feel good about yourself.

"With me they go, 'The only muscle that’s really aching is my laughter muscle.' "

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