Montana Brown says Love Islanders had sex everywhere

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 March 2021
Montana Brown

Montana Brown

Montana Brown says contestants on 'Love Island' constantly had sex and it was "hilarious" as it could not be shown on camera

Montana Brown says 'Love Island' contestants had sex "everywhere" during the 2017 season.

The 25-year-old reality TV star claims that those participating on the show were constantly having sex and it was "hilarious" as it could not be shown on camera.

Speaking on the 'Mouthing Off With Olivia Caridi' podcast, she said: "People are having sex everywhere — genuinely everywhere — all the time. In the day, in the night, upstairs, downstairs. It is hilarious because you know they can't really put it on camera."

Montana admitted that being in such close quarters while everyone was getting intimate was awkward at first but said that everyone quickly got "comfortable".

She explained: "At the start everyone's so aware of the fact that you are inches away from the next couple in a bed but everyone just gets so comfortable."

Montana – who coupled up with Alex Beattie on the show – previously admitted she regretted having sex while in the villa.

She said: "In hindsight, having sex on TV wasn’t the best idea. My advice to the new hopefuls is not to do it. If I could have done it differently, I wouldn’t have had sex."

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