Jordan Banjo admits Diversity fans often mistake him for brother Ashley

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  • 26 March 2021
Jordan Banjo

Jordan Banjo

Diversity star Jordan Banjo reveals the dance troupe's fans often mistake him for his older brother Ashley

Jordan Banjo is constantly mistaken for his brother Ashley Banjo by Diversity fans.

The 28-year-old star – who is part of the dance troupe with his older sibling – admitted people often get the pair "mixed up", and he sometimes gets tempted to prank his brother by pretending to be him.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “People always get me and my brother mixed up. I can understand it, we look similar and we even sound similar.

"When I realise people are speaking to me but they think it’s Ashley I do think, ‘I could be really horrible here and it would reflect really badly on him!’ ”

There's no sibling rivalry between them though, as Jordan revealed he and Ashley, 32, are collaborating on a book.

He said: “Ashley and I have wanted to write a book for a long time- not necessarily a kids book either.

"We both loved reading growing up and as we got older we channelled it into stories. We came up with two names, they’re two brothers, an older and a younger one.

"You start off with an idea then before you realise you start recognising yourself in there.

"You don’t want it to become an autobiography though. When it comes to doing that I’ll probably have to leave the alien stories out of that one!”

And while Jordan has already proven his skills on the dance floor, he isn't quite so keen on busting a move on a night out.

Opening up on his fitness regime, he explained: “Some people live for it but I’m more likely to roll out of bed and have a bar of chocolate.

"But you realise when you go back to dancing after a bit of a break that you need to keep the fitness up because it hurts so much! Afterwards you think, ‘I need to get back to training!’

"When I’m out I don’t dance. I’m the bloke you see standing at the bar bobbing his head with an orange juice in his hand. I spend so much time dancing that I don’t really see it as fun.”

Jordan is headlining The Kinder Masters of Play Festival, a celebration of fun little play ideas to inspire parents that mean a lot to their kids. The Festival happens on Saturday March 27th 2021 between 2pm and 4.30pm on Kinder’s Facebook page and at

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