Lisa Maxwell 'anxious' about end of lockdown

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  • 26 March 2021
Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Maxwell

Former 'The Bill' actress Lisa Maxwell admits she's "anxious" about the end of the coronavirus lockdown

Lisa Maxwell is "anxious about coming out of lockdown".

The 57-year-old actress – who has daughter Beau, 21, with her husband Paul Jessup – has opened up on her experiences during the global pandemic, and admitted being with her family has kept her sane over the past year.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper's 'Sixty Seconds' column, she said: "I live in Gloucestershire and that's been my sanity.

"I've enjoyed time with my daughter, who would normally be at university, so the three of us have been together with our dogs.

"But it was stressful because I was worried for my mum, who has the lung condition COPD, in case she caught COVID. Now I'm getting anxious about coming out of lockdown.

The star – who previously played Samantha Nixon on 'The Bill' from 2002 to 2009 – is hoping people retain the "lovely lessons" of the pandemic, despite how tough it's been.

She explained: "It's like a race to get yourself looking great and the pressure of the world is building up again.

"I don't want everyone to become selfish again and I feel like such lovely lessons can be learned from going back to basics when we had to be creative and entertain ourselves."

Meanwhile, Lisa noted she still gets recognised by fans of 'The Bill', and one past encounter was enough to convince her to stop smoking.

She said: "I remember when I was on the show, driving into work one morning and being pulled over by the police because I had a coffee and a fag, which is really naughty.

"When I wound the window down, this PC said, 'Oh come on, ma'am, you should know better', and I thought, I'll go along with it, so I said, 'Yes, DI Nixon should know better!'

"He said, 'Put your coffee down and put your fag out and on you go and don't do it again, ma'am!' I've given up smoking since!"

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