Jordan Banjo to marry fiancée in summer 2022

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  • 26 March 2021
Jordan Banjo

Jordan Banjo

Diversity star Jordan Banjo is planning to marry his fiancée Naomi Courts next summer, and their son will be page boy and their daughter will be their flower girl

Jordan Banjo is to marry his fiancée Naomi Courts next summer.

The couple are "pretty sure" they've found a venue for their 2022 nuptials, and are planning to have their daughter Mimi as their flower girl, and son Cas will be page boy.

He said: "Nay loves the idea of Mimi being a little flower girl and Cass being a page boy.

"It will be really nice to have them at the wedding because not everyone has children at the wedding, they normally come after. I’m super excited.

"Everyone in Diversity had kids after they got married, we did that the other way round. We’re hoping late next summer, we’re pretty sure we’ve found the venue."

The 28-year-old star – who co-hosts radio show 'KISS Breakfast with Jordan & Perri' alongside fellow Diversity dancer Perri Kiely – admitted it has been tough juggling his work-life balance.

He added to The Sun Online: "I’m not gonna lie, It has been a hard one. I’ve got the kids at home and I always want to try and spend as much time with them as possible.

"You’re up at three, you do the radio show until 10. Then you have a couple of meetings, some prep work, maybe you’re sorting out interviews, you leave about 12.

"Then it’s onto filming or a couple of meetings or rehearsing and then you get home, put the kids to bed, have a bit of dinner, you want to spend time with your partner."

Last October, Jordan revealed Naomi almost died from sepsis after giving birth to Mimi.

He explained: "When she [Mimi] was born it was a little bit complicated because my partner Na wasn't too well.

"So from literally the minute she was born, within 10 minutes Mimi was in my arms and Na was being checked. So from the get go, Mimi was attached to me straight away.

"To be fair, when Cassius was first born I felt so out of my depth. I feel like a lot of new dads do to be fair.

"After six weeks after Mimi was born Na went into hospital, she had sepsis twice. She spent the better half of a month in hospital because she got really, really ill really quickly.

"Na is okay now. I won't lie, at one point we were in hospital and it was a little bit touch and go. They were talking about, particularly, induced comas and stuff like that."

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