Alexander Armstrong wants album with Bradley Walsh

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  • 25 March 2021
Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong wants to join forces with TV rival Bradley Walsh to make an album

Alexander Armstrong wants to make an album with Bradley Walsh.

The 'Pointless' presenter wants to join forces with 'The Chase' star to produce a record together as they both already have a string of top ten albums under their belts.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: “We sold quite a lot together, over a quarter of a million. Brad and I should do something together. I would like that – we could be the new Michael Ball and Alfie Boe. It’s a great idea, just watch this space.

"The first single could be 'Me and My Shadow', or 'Anything I Could Do You Could Do Better'. Be careful what you wish for.”

The two TV presenters appear to be nemeses as they appear on rival shows airing at the same time but Alexander, 51, has assured they are best pals in real life as they have each "got the other" for support.

He explained: “It’s very affectionate. We owe 'The Chase' a great deal and 'The Chase' owes us a great deal. We are each other’s nemesis but equally we each have nothing to fear because we’ve each got the other and we can each survive in the other’s orbit, which is quite nice.

“What I’d be really worried about our position in the schedules if 'The Chase' went because that would unsettle the whole schedule, even though 'The Chase' is on the other side.”

Meanwhile, Bradley will be a grandfather later this year, after his daughter Hayley revealed she is set to welcome a baby into the world.

Hayley, 39, is the eldest of Bradley’s children, and announced her pregnancy on Instagram alongside a sign which read “on maternity leave”.

She wrote: "Finding out we were expecting was just incredible, however being pregnant during this lockdown has been a little tricky at times. "I’ve been spending the last few months frantically trying to learn as much as possible online.”

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