Time Team returns on YouTube

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  • 24 March 2021
Tony Robinson

Sir Tony Robinson

'Time Team' - the iconic Channel 4 show - is being revived on YouTube

'Time Team' is returning as a YouTube show.

The Channel 4 programme originally aired between 1994 and 2014, and the show's creator Tim Taylor has now decided to revive the format on the video-sharing platform.

He said: "We were keeping in touch with fans and getting letters from Australia and all over the place.

"They kept asking us why we weren’t bringing 'Time Team' back?

"It costs less than a cup of coffee a week for fans to subscribe at the starter level. We got a fantastic burst of people excited about it and wanting to back us.

"This is the first time a heritage TV show has been brought back by the fans. When they see the programme going out they will be thinking, ‘Crikey, I helped make that'. It is a sort of investment in history and will hopefully get a new generation interested in archaeology."

Sir Tony Robinson presented the original version of the show, but he won't be returning for the YouTube edition.

Tim has already secured enough funds for two new episodes, with two more in the pipeline, and he's reached out to readers of the Daily Mirror newspaper in a bid to find their new presenter.

He told the publication: "We haven’t got a presenter yet and we would love to get the view of Daily Mirror readers as to who they think would be ideal for the job."

Tony previously admitted that Channel 4 bosses were surprised by his passion for archaeology when he was approached for the 'Time Team' role.

The actor – who played Baldrick in the comedy series 'Blackadder' – said: "When Channel 4 were thinking about casting me it wasn’t because of my knowledge of archaeology, they weren’t aware of that.

"In those early days of the channel, they wanted really bizarre presenters and thought it would be funny if the bloke who played Baldrick did a series about a discipline so arcane that no-one can even spell it. It blew them away that I was actually interested in the subject!"

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