David Essex advised Matt Lapinskas to leave EastEnders after 2 years

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  • 24 March 2021
Matt Lapinskas as Anthony Moon

Matt Lapinskas as Anthony Moon

Singing legend David Essex advised Matt Lapinskas to remain on 'EastEnders' for two years and then move on, because he recognised the 32-year-old star's musical talent

David Essex advised Matt Lapinskas to only stay on 'EastEnders' for two years.

Matt portrayed Anthony Moon on the BBC One soap from July 2011 to August 2012, and his on-screen dad, singer David – who portrayed Eddie Moon on the programme – encouraged him not to remain in Albert Square forever because he recognised his musical talent.

Chatting to Simon Gross on 'Get Gossy With Grossy', the 32-year-old star said: "I was sitting with David in his dressing room and he said to me, 'Be in this for two years and once your two years are done get out and go and be you.'

"Because he knew I could sing, he knew I was interested in musicals and I wanted to do more.

"Obviously at that age you can kind of slip into, 'This is amazing, I'll stay here forever.' "

Matt admitted David, 73, was a "very hard worker" on the soap, and the 'Rock On' singer was like "a father figure" to him.  

He added: "David had this presence about him that was so calming and elegant.

"He was such a gentleman and he was a very hard worker as well. He was always on it, always running lines with us.

"His dressing room was always open.

"He's done so much in his career, so to have someone like that playing your dad was like having a father figure on set as well.

"It was incredible."

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