Bitchy Darnell and Rex

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 31 August 2008


Darnell and Rex admitted they bitch because they find the 'Big Brother' house boring. The boys – who were both accused of bullying fellow housemate Sara last week - decided to have an early night last night, but rather than settling down straight away they started discussing what they were going to do in their final week in the house.

Smug chef Rex – who has moaned continually about how dull the house is and how much he wants to go home – said: "I can entertain myself, but not if there's nothing to do. What can we do with the same scenery that we haven't done in 88 days?"

Moody Darnell agreed, saying: "The kind of things we can do to have fun, it's hard for us to get to do."

Playboy Rex, who has bored the rest of the house with tales of his wealthy lifestyle, added: "I'm sick of having to do things and forcing myself to enjoy myself."

Darnell moaned: "We can get up and go and sit on the couch and try to do something but what we'll end up doing is talking s**t about somebody, or each other. There's no escape sometimes."

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