Rex's Kat challenge

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 31 August 2008


Rex challenged Kathreya to a bet to see who could eat the most last night. The arrogant chef was adamant he was able to stomach more food than cheery Kat, but when she refused to accept the bet, saying she didn't have enough money, he ended up admitted he thinks she will be the overall winner of ‘Big Brother’.

As the group were getting ready for bed, Rex asked cookie-loving Kat if she thought she would be able to eat her way out of the house if it was actually made of cookies.

Kat was adamant she could, much to the amusement of Rex.

Referring to the Viva La France task - which saw Kat being violently sick after she and Rex were tasked with eating a huge baguette stuffed with brie and grapes in a set amount of time – Rex sniggered: "Kat, you're not very good at eating lots - we've already seen that with the sandwich."

When Kat said he hadn't done well either, Rex replied: "You just kept pushing it towards me. Kat, I'll put a £1,000 on that when you watch that back I ate a lot more than you."

Kat responded: "OK, we watch together when we get out."

Keen to clarify the bet had been accepted, Rex said: "Are you gonna put £1,000 as well?" asked Rex.

Kat replied: "I don't have £1,000."

Desperate to ensure the bet was set, Rex bargained: "If you win, will you bet me £1,000?"

Refusing to be draw on the topic, Kat said: "No. I'm not going to win."

In a rare moment of kindness, Rex murmured: "The money's as good as in the bank for you, you might as well consider yourself £100,000 richer."

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