Darnell's unique moan

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  • 31 August 2008


Darnell moaned at Kathreya about being called "unique" last night.

The US rapper, who is an albino, was upset at the words some of the 'Big Brother' contestants had used to describe him in the Dire Traits task - where each of the housemates had to give a three word description of another member of the group - and decided to discuss the problem with Kat.

When it was announced the group had failed the task, Darnell - who has argued with several of the group in recent weeks - asked the others how they had described him and was alarmed to hear Rex had said "paranoid and confused".

His panic was compounded when Sara and Kat both admitted they had also said "paranoid", with Kat revealed she had also said "unique".

Later, he moaned to Kat: "I don't see unique as a positive."

Kat replied: "Being unique and single-minded is a very positive thing."

Darnell fumed: "I'm a human being, not an advertising campaign. Look at it as a person. You don't want to have a unique child because you'll have a lot of problems as a parent. I know my mum did."

When Kat explained it was his personality not his appearance she was referring to, he said: "My personality is a forced personality. I'd have to be this way or it would be worse."

However, seemingly keen to avoid an argument, Darnell then told Kat she was "one of a kind", adding: "If the world was made out of yous it would be a better place."

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