Housemates' Dire fail

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  • 31 August 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates failed the Dire Traits task last night.

Each contestant had been called into the Diary Room and asked to think of three words to describe one of their fellow housemates.

Next, each of the group were called back into the room where they had to pick a random contestant and guess which words had been used about them.

Rachel went into the Diary Room and picked Sara, then decided it was best to shout as many words as possible in the hope some of them would be right.

She said: "Sexy, flirtatious, shouty, moody, sweet, erm, erm, open, beautiful, angelic, humorous, energetic, bubbly, chatty, oh gosh... bootylicious."

The Welsh beauty was excited to hear she had guessed "sexy" and "flirtatious" correctly.

Kathreya's turn was not so successful - the Thai masseuse struggled to overcome the language barrier and had no idea what "charismatic" or "flamboyant" meant.

However, she couldn't hide her excitement when she learnt someone had described her as "sex".

Later, Big Brother announced the group had failed the challenge prompting them all to reveal how they had described each other.

Sara said to Mikey: "I put you as messy, because I knew you'd know that I was joking."

Mikey replied: "Messy. I put friendly down for you!"

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