Brandon Flowers' Bono regret

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers' Bono regret

Brandon Flowers regrets not flying with Bono.

The Killers frontman turned down the chance to take a trip in the U2 rocker's private plane because he has such a severe fear of flying.

He revealed: "My biggest regret is having to turn down a trip in Bono's personal jet."

The 'Mr. Brightside' singer - who penned 'Why Do I Keep Counting' about his phobia - has been scared of taking to the air for years and still receives therapy to help him overcome the terror.

He explained: "I'd never flown before The Killers.

"When I fly now I listen to a tape of a session I had with the good doctor. I hear him talking and let my body become a blob. "One thing that sent me over the edge was the time a woman died on one of my flights. I still don't know what happened, but I'd been asleep for probably 10 minutes when I woke up to screaming and saw the steward pumping on this lady's chest. It was traumatic. I tried not to watch."

The Killers

Las Vegas rockers famed for their glamorous take on 'indie rock'n'roll'.


The band who are the very definition of stadium rock head indoors for their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour.

Brandon Flowers

The Killers frontman tours his indie solo sounds.


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