Craig Eddie praises ITV's mental health care

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  • 22 March 2021
Craig Eddie

Craig Eddie

Craig Eddie has praised ITV's mental health care after he won 'The Voice' over the weekend

'The Voice' winner Craig Eddie has praised ITV's mental health care.

The 'Come Waste My Time' hitmaker – whose song has hit number one on the iTunes chart after he won the ITV talent competition over the weekend – heaped praise on the broadcaster for "always being on hand" for him to talk to if he was feeling "down, alone or anxious".

He said: "The support and the producers have been amazing. I found that if I did have any problems they always told me to go directly to them. They made me feel not shameful about going to them for any of my problems or any of my queries – or if I was feeling down, or alone, or anxious. They were really open-minded and always on hand for me, which is really important."

Craig has made it his mission to speak more about mental health.

He added: "I said from the get-go, before I even knew I was on 'The Voice', that if I was even given an opportunity like this I will always use it for talking about mental health. I'm really passionate about it as I feel incorporating the subject matter of mental health in casual conservation will break the stigma – and talking about how you're feeling that day will become the same as talking about what's for dinner that night."

Craig released his own song as the winner's single on the ITV show – which has since become the best performing self-written winners single in The Voice UK history – and insisted his focus is continuing to release his own music.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, he said: "I really am focused on writing as much original material as possible. I already have hundreds of songs on the back burner, so now it's just about finding new sounds that people haven't heard before, because that excites me."

'Come Waste My Time' is out now.

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