Steve Carrell's funny fears

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  • 31 August 2008
Steve Carrell

Steve Carrell's funny fears

Steve Carrell does not think he is particularly funny.

The 'Get Smart' actor - who was awarded The Spike Guys' Choice Award for Funniest Mother F**ker this year - says he is more serious in real life than people assume.

He said: "I don't think I'm ever really funny. I set the bar low for myself and I don't try to be wacky. I'm very dour."

The star - who also revealed he would love to star in a western film - said the best way to make people laugh through acting is by not trying too hard.

He added: "I think the only tip you can give is to not try to be funny. If you watch people attempting to be funny it's never as funny as you want it to be."

Carrell - who is married with children - also admitted he is not the kind of person who uses cheesy lines when trying to seduce women.

He said: "If you have other confidence to use pick up lines you better have something else to go with it. You got to be really good looking too."

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