Joe had 'imposter syndrome' when filming The Syndicate

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  • 21 March 2021
Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg admits that he had "terrible imposter syndrome" while filming the BBC drama 'The Syndicate' among a group of vastly more experience stars

Joe Sugg had “terrible imposter syndrome” while filming ‘The Syndicate’.

The 29-year-old vlogger found it daunting to be shooting the BBC drama alongside a much more experienced group of co-stars but admitted he often feels like that because of the way he found fame online.

He said: “There were very much first-day-at-school vibes. Being surrounded by really good people, who’ve been in the industry since they were young, I had this terrible imposter syndrome.

“It comes with anything I do. People think I had the easy route into it, that things have been handed to me on a plate because of my follower numbers.”

When he first auditioned for the show in 2019, Joe was convinced it would come to nothing.

He said: “I’d done loads of auditions. Most of the time you never hear back and you take it with a pinch of salt. You move on.”

And then, after being asked to perform for showrunner Kay Mellor, he added: “‘Right, chances are we won’t hear anything,’ but they came back saying they loved it and I was like, ‘Oh God, there’s no going back now.’”

Joe – who was born and raised in Wiltshire – is particularly anxious as to how his fans will react to his attempts at a northern accent because the show is set in Yorkshire.

He told The Times magazine: “I’ve got a lot of fans that are from the north, so I was worried about doing a stereotypical northern voice.

“So I’ve already cemented something saying, ‘Look guys, my character’s backstory was he was born in the north, but he spent a lot of time in the south.’ I want everyone to know that beforehand.”

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