'No Mo' farting'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 August 2008

Sara told Mo to stop farting

Sara scoled Mohamed for farting all the time this morning. The sexy Aussie - who narrowly avoided eviction last night with 47.4 per cent of the public vote - lost her temper with her fellow housemate for his excessive flatulence.

She said: "That is so filthy, Mo, right in my face in the morning. I was standing here and you just went for it,

"That is the last thing I want to hear when I wake up."

But the greedy 24-year-old was unforgiving, and said it was not aimed at her face.

He added: "Tough luck."

Angelina Jolie look-alike Sara continued to berate Mohamed for his behaviour.

She said: "I think you have a problem. I don't know anyone who farts so much."

Mohamed replied: "The more it winds you up, the more I am going to do it."

In another cheeky episode this morning, Mikey fell out of bed and hurt his rear end on his microphone.

He moaned: "I need someone to inspect my bum."

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