Kat's 'sausage' scream

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 August 2008

Kat saw a sausage last night

Kathreya screamed after she saw Darnell's "boy sausage" last night. After an evening of drinking, housemates engaged in a series of bedroom antics including towel whipping and throwing tampons at each other.

But things really started to hot up as bubbly cookie muncher Kat got an eyeful of Darnell's manhood when his boxer shorts slipped down.

The 30-year-old masseuse went on to say playboy Rex spent a lot of time looking at Internet porn on www.RexySexyTime.com.

Junk food lover Mohamed prowled the luxury room with a towel, threatening to whip his fellow housemates.

Kat said: "Anyone comes near me, I'm going to scream."

Rex teased Darnell about his flirtatious behaviour towards sexy PA Sara, going as far as to leave a bottle of baby oil by her bed for him.

Conversation topics moved on to urinating on each other and how the uterus is the only inedible part of a woman's body.

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