Hollyoaks' Niamh Blackshaw didn't believe Billy Price was leaving

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  • 19 March 2021
Niamh Blackshaw

Niamh Blackshaw

'Hollyoaks' actress Niamh Blackshaw insists she never believed her co-star Billy Price was leaving

Niamh Blackshaw never believed Billy Price was actually leaving 'Hollyoaks'.

The 21-year-old actress – who has played Juliet Nightingale on the Channel 4 soap since 2018 – insisted she guessed her co-star was trying to fool her when his character Sid Sumner was seemingly stabbed to death earlier this month.

On Wednesday (17.03.21) it was revealed he had survived the attack by County Lines boss Victor (NAME NAME), and placed into witness protection.

Speaking after her own character's return from prison, Niamh told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Billy actually told me he was dying and played it off as if he was gonna die, and I did not for one second believe it, I refused.

"I point blank refused to believe it and he eventually caved. I knew he was trying to trick me and I saw it."

Although viewers haven't been able to see Juliet's reaction to Sid actually being alive, the actress has opened up on how she thinks her alter ego will have reacted.

She added: "That's never really discussed. It's very much swept under the carpet but I think her reaction would have been the biggest relief on the planet.

"Someone coming back from the dead, it can’t get much better than that, but it's mixed in with how dare he. How dare he actually do that to me and not tell me the truth, but tell Ste.

"Where has Ste come from? Was he there with you the whole time? No he wasn't."

She also suggested Juliet will be looking to "work through and mend the broken relationships" after the County Lines drama.

Niamh said: "She wants to make a change and be seen as a different person, but that isn’t just gonna come by her appearance.

"She knows she needs to work through and mend the broken relationships. She isn't very well received when she comes back for obvious reasons."

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