Two goes, you decide

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 August 2008

Which pair will meet Davina?

Housemates face a double eviction on Tuesday. Viewers are now voting on which contestant they would like to win the show, with the two least popular getting the boot early next week.

But the group is unaware of Big Brother's plans as they speculated about their fate last night.

Sara said: "Seven is too many for all of us to go in one night."

Arrogant playboy Rex said he was happy to go whenever, as long as he did not have to walk out with Kat, Mikey or Rachel.

Darnell added: "One of us must have to go Saturday or Sunday or else they would say we are all in the final."

Big Brother would not reveal whether or not the group was safe from eviction until the final.

Darnell pointed out they were all about to spend their last Saturday in the Big Brother house.

Sara - who will leave the house £25,000 richer after sharing a prize with evictee Lisa earlier in the week - said she was "just gonna have fun" in the final week.

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