Louisa Lytton in tears at craving takeaways during pregnancy

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  • 19 March 2021
Louisa Lytton

Louisa Lytton

'EastEnders' actress Louisa Lytton has been feeling "such guilt" about her pregnancy cravings after she "couldn't stop" eating takeaways during her first trimester, so much so she has been in tears while eating portions of chips

Louisa Lytton has been in tears while chowing down on chips after feeling "such guilt" about craving fast-food during her pregnancy.

The 'EastEnders' actress has admitted she "couldn't stop" gorging on pizzas and McDonald's during her first trimester, so much so she would be queuing up at a drive-through 30 minutes after eating a roast dinner, and she used to carry cheese around the BBC One soap's set so she could feed her cravings in between scenes.

She wrote on Instagram: "First trimester. I’ve never felt hunger like it. I think every 5-10 minutes in fact [crying laughing emoji] on average I think I ate 56 Mc Ds and 74 pizzas a week. I couldn’t stop. Poor Ben would make a whole roast dinner on a Sunday and I’d be queuing at a drive thru 30 minutes later. And CHEESE, I carried cathedral cheese bites around in my pocket at work to eat behind a set wall when no one was watching [crying laughing emoji] The only way to describe it was a 24/7 7 day a week hangover. The only thing that would subside the sickness was salt and ketchup. Now I know I’m lucky I could stomach food, I know some people simply can’t? I felt such guilt, how could I give this baby such a terrible start. I’m out the other side now, and I wish I just relaxed a bit more and didn’t cry into every portion of chips. (sic)"

As a result, Louisa – who plays Ruby Allen on the show – admitted all she can think about when people ask about her first few months of pregnancy is opening her door to see an UberEats employee delivering a takeaway.

She added: "I’ve had a lot of people ask about my experience of the first few months, all I can think of is the UberEats man at the door. So I wanted to share and ask, PLEASE TELL ME I WAS NOT ALONE? Love you all, thanks SO much for the wonderful messages it really means a lot (sic)"

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