Emma Samms opens up about 'upsetting' long COVID battle

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  • 19 March 2021
Emma Samms

Emma Samms

Former 'Doctors' star Emma Samms has admitted her battle with long COVID has been "very upsetting" and is affecting her mental health

Emma Samms says long COVID is affecting her mental health.

The former 'Doctors' actress has been suffering from coronavirus symptoms, such as shortness of breath and chest pains, for a whole year, and she admitted it is "really challenging" to deal with the daily inconsistency. 

When asked if the constantly changing nature of the effects of long COVID is bad for her mental health, she said: "Yes. It is really challenging.

"Because you wake up every morning and think, 'Is this a good day or a bad day?'

"If it's a good day you think, 'Have I turned the corner on this?'

"Then when you have the next relapse it's very upsetting.

"I'm lucky enough to have a very understanding partner, who has been looking after me unbelievably well.

"There are a lot of people out there with long COVID who are unbelievably stressed and struggling, and debilitated."

Emma admitted she has days where she "feels a little better" and hopes she is on the mend, only to be bed-ridden the following day.

Speaking on radio station LBC, she added: "I got infected probably travelling back from the States in March last year.

"I felt really awful for two weeks, then I started to feel a bit better and went back to working out, which was a big mistake.

"I then had a relapse and haven't felt well ever since.

"I am very short of breath. I get chest pains, dizziness, there are so many different symptoms that people have with long COVID.

"It comes and goes, so there are days when you feel a little better.

"Everyone thinks, 'Oh, you're on the mend.' Because they are used to a linear recovery from anything.

"Then next week you could be back in bed not able to come downstairs again."

Earlier this month, Emma recognised a "strange anniversary" after suffering from long COVID for a whole year.

She wrote on Twitter: "I’ve had Long Covid for a year. A strange anniversary to be sure"

What's more, Emma has organised a virtual reunion of stars of US soap opera 'Dynasty' – in which portrayed Fallon Carrington Colby from 1985 to 1991 – to fundraise for the Southmead Hospital Charity, which generates money for the hospital and community health services in Bristol.

The reunion will take place via Zoom on Saturday (20.03.21), and will feature stars such as Linda Evans, Stephanie Beacham, Heather Locklear, Maxwell Caulfield, and Michael Praed, among others.

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