Bad cook Eva Mendes

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 August 2008
Eva Mendes

Bad cook Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is a terrible cook.

The 'Ghost Rider' actress admits she loves food but is so bad at cooking she does not even try any more.

She said: "I have too much respect for food to do what I've done to it in the past. Man, I've really killed some stuff."

The actress also revealed despite her svelte figure, she has never cut down on junk food to maintain her weight.

She said: "I'd shock you at how much I could eat. Any kind of dessert is fantastic. It's gross, but I also love cup noodles. I'll eat two at a time because the salt really does it for me. They're so cheap so they can't be that good for you, but they're yummy!"

Eva added she only really watches her diet when she is filming, and allows herself to indulge at other times.

She explained: "If I have a shoot I'll work out more and watch what I eat, but if I don't I'll let myself go. I'm addicted to bread. I want it constantly so, right now, I'm letting myself have more of it but when I start my next movie I'll cut down."

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