Jake Quickenden worries his newborn son 'hates' him

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  • 18 March 2021
Jake Quickenden

Jake Quickenden

Former 'X Factor' star Jake Quickenden is worried his newborn son Leo "hates" him because the little one won't settle for him as well as he does for his girlfriend Sophie Church

Jake Quickenden keeps thinking his newborn son "hates" him.

The 32-year-old reality star welcomed his first child, Leo, with girlfriend Sophie Church – who has son Fred, seven, from a previous relationship – last month, and now he's opened up about his concerns as a first-time father.

He wrote on Instagram: "Honest post.... I am so tired right now, I think it’s sleep deprivation but I keep thinking Leo hates me, he won’t settle for me Half as good as he does for Soph, burping is still a nightmare but I’ve managed a few now...

"My heart is so full but I’m also very emotional and I wasn’t expecting it to be so hard, I worry about every little thing is his breathing ok? Is he sleeping too much, is he eating enough, is that a new noise he’s making, What’s that little rash? (sic)"

He described his son as the "most precious thing" and admitted that while "being a parent isn't easy", he is trying his best and hopes he is doing the right things.

Jake continued: "He’s the most precious thing ever I love him so much, I’m trying really hard, it’s amazing watching how good @sophie__church is with him, I hope I’m helping aswell!

"Being a parent isn’t easy at all, but what a wonderful journey and this is just the beginning, can’t wait for him to smile and laugh and sit up, crawl and walk, his first words!! So much to look forward to!! But right now a few hours sleep wouldn’t go a miss!! Love you little man (sic)"

The former 'X Factor' star recently hit back at vile trolls claiming he was attention-seeking by paying tribute to his late brother Oliver by calling his little one Leo Oliver.

He was also met with backlash over a photo of him lying topless with his son on his chest, after he was encouraged to do so to have skin-to-skin contact with the newborn.

Earlier this month, he said: "For us and for me especially, Oliver was my best mate and I'll always go on about him cos the more we talk about Oliver his memory lives on.

"When people have a child, they often name them after a parent or grandparent, but these trolls thought it was me trying to get attention.

"We give trolls too much of a spotlight and I’m just gonna try and stop doing that now. I don’t understand why someone would hate on a newborn baby, and someone they have never met."

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