Danielle Armstrong and Lucy Mecklenburgh clash over weight loss products

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  • 18 March 2021
Danielle Armstrong

Danielle Armstrong

'TOWIE' stars Danielle Armstrong and Lucy Mecklenburgh are embroiled in a feud about weight loss products, after Lucy ranted about "new mums promoting extreme restrictive diets" and shared several comments from followers who hit out at Herbalife Nutrition, which Danielle endorses

Danielle Armstrong has hit back at Lucy Mecklenburgh, after she criticised her weight loss products.

The 32-year-old star took to Instagram to respond after 29-year-old Lucy ranted about "new mums promoting extreme restrictive diets" and she shared several comments from followers who hit out at Herbalife Nutrition, which Danielle endorses.

Speaking on her Instagram Story, Lucy – who has 12-month-old son Roman – said: "Little morning rant here. It's just quite worrying actually.

"I keep seeing on Instagram new mums promoting extreme restrictive diets.

"I don't understand. I don't understand who's advising them, who is suggesting this is a good idea? It really upsets me.

"When you've just had a baby especially, you just grab whatever you can. For me, it was tea, toast and coffee. You know, Ryan [Thomas] was amazing, he'd make me some nice meals most days, but other days, it's tea and toast, and that's fine.

"You're so sleep deprived and the last thing you want is another pressure to lose weight straight away and go on restrictive diets.

"Especially if you're breastfeeding, you're not even supposed to be doing that anyway."

Lucy then posted numerous comments she had received from followers about the subject, and some of them slammed Herbalife.

Danielle – who has nine-month-old daughter Orla – has since hit back in several videos, claiming Lucy's comments were "damaging" and she likened their feud to "Coca Cola slating Pepsi".

Speaking on her Instagram Story, she said: "Firstly I wanna say, I respect if that's Lucy's opinion that's absolutely fine, but one thing I will say is that Lucy has a subscription to a fitness and meal plan.

"So one thing I want to say is guys please be mindful – it has a massive impact, Lucy has millions of followers, I know what that can do, it's damaging ... it is ... so be mindful that this is also a business for Lucy, it's like Coca Cola slating Pepsi.

"We're in the same industry ... she just has it her way with working out pretty much every single day and making nice presented food that I'm sure tastes amazing, but for me it's about finding something that's quick, convenient, high in nutrition and low in calories.

"I just wanna put a few facts right before I get on to the mum thing as whoever knows me, knows ... I can actually get upset ... knows much I want to help mums feel body confidence.

"I've never once said, 'As soon as you have a baby, let's get you on a shake diet.' Of course not – I didn't even do that!

"I waited eight or nine weeks before I did my first 21-day challenge.

"I would love for Lucy and any other influencer or PT who has really slated what I represent and Herbalife Nutrition to come and have a little look at what goes on in our challenge groups.

"We do live workouts, we do live cook-a-longs, we do motivational talks, we do motivation and mindset.

"There is so much that we do.

"I've had to set the record straight. I have actually kept quiet a few times when I've seen things like this, but enough is enough now.

"There is nothing wrong with doing it my way and the Herbalife way.

"What you guys do is absolutely fine, but please do not try to tarnish what I do or represent and absolutely love doing, because you might have lost a few customers yourself.

"I'm sorry to have a rant, I don't want to be doing this at all."

Danielle – who, like Lucy, starred on 'TOWIE' – also called for people to "be kind to each other".

She said: "Let's all be kind to each other and support each other's businesses, not bring each other down."

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