Rachel sad to go

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  • 29 August 2008

Rachel dreads facing her sister

Rachel is sad about having to leave the 'Big Brother' house. The sweet-natured trainee teacher said although she can't wait to see her family and boyfriend, she does not like the thought of leaving.

She said: "You watch next week, we are all not going to want to go."

The 24-year-old Welsh beauty contest runner-up said she is dreading a meeting with her sister, who she did not tell about her appearance on the reality show.

She said: "She would have got so excited and it would have been all around town."

However, Rachel's cookie munching pal Kathreya said she was now "ready to go".

Mikey said everyone's mobile phones will be jammed with messages when they get out.

The group wondered what former housemates Belinda and Maysoon had been up to since they left, while Lisa said Sara had done the best out of the three female housemates who entered together.

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