Steph McGovern revealed pregnancy after 'projectile vomiting' in BBC studio

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  • 16 March 2021
Steph McGovern

Steph McGovern

TV star Steph McGovern had to reveal her pregnancy earlier than expected after "projectile vomiting" over the 'BBC Breakfast' studio

Steph McGovern had to reveal her pregnancy after "projectile vomiting" in the studio.

The 'Steph's Packed Lunch' star – who gave birth to her first daughter with her partner in November 2019 – was working on 'BBC Breakfast' at the time, and her morning sickness meant she broke the news earlier than expected before hitting 12 weeks.

Speaking to Giovanna Fletcher on the 'Happy Mum Happy Baby' podcast, she said: "I remember once and I couldn’t tell anyone I was pregnant because we’re not meant to are we, because then we jinx it apparently, whatever.

"And I was throwing up, the only thing I could get into my body that morning was watermelon and I literally projectile vomited watermelon across the studio, moments before we were about to start the 6 o’clock news headlines...

"You could see my co-host was looking at me going, 'Are you hungover?’ and I was just like ... I was trying not to whisper, aware I was wearing a mic connecting me to all the gang in the gallery.

"But everyone thinks I’m hungover or I have a bug and if you think you’ve got a bug, everyone avoids you and says go home. So I, like, ended up saying, then I suddenly felt guilty, felt like I was going to miscarry."

And the Channel 4 star – who revealed she was always going to carry the baby, rather than her partner – joked how another experience with morning sickness has given her issues with a supermarket chain.

She added: "I still can’t look at the Co-Op logo because I once threw up in the vegetable isle of the Co-Op.

"And now I can’t even, and its really awkward because a new Co-Op opened on our street and I was like I cant even look at that, I have to cross over!"

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