Mikey's werewolf shave

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 August 2008

Is Mikey a werewolf?

Mikey shaved his "monobrow" this afternoon. The blind radio producer - who already had all his hair cut off for the hairdressing task - decided to trim his forehead after a comment from trainee teacher Rachel.

She said: "If a guy's eyebrows meet in the middle, it's the sign of a werewolf."

Shortly afterwards, Mikey got his shaver out and began to groom himself as he howled like a wolf.

He shouted: "I'm a madman!"

Rachel offered: "I could pluck them for you if you wanted."

Mike declined, making the bizarre point that he was "not a duck".

Rachel complimented Mikey on his freshly groomed eyebrows.

She said: "That looks much better, Mikey."

Mohamed pointed out Mikey's thinning hair, saying he was lucky it has only started happening to him so late in life.

He said: "Mikey, you're going bald! It's a late bald though. Some people go bald at 17."

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