Mohamed's toilet animals

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 August 2008

What is Mo doing in there?

Housemates complained about Mohamed's toilet habits this afternoon. Rex kick started the moaning after the greedy Somalian disappeared to the lavatory again.

He said: "Any time in this House when you hear rustling toilet paper, it's Mo, spilling his guts."

Darnell added: "He goes, 'I've gotta go and do a 'Mo Moment!''"

But Rex was bemused by what the 24-year-old does in the small room, branding him the "toilet rustler".

He said: "Yeah, but what does he do in there? He's like, half an hour!"

Sara added: "The time in the luxury bedroom, do you remember that Darn? It was about 48 minutes! That was the longest ever. It's not even like he's got a magazine."

Rex said: "He has got a big old belly on him. Clearing that thing out... I'm not joking, he's the toilet rustler.

"He's always doing that rustling sound, and I don't know what he's doing in there."

Sara suggested he made noises to cover up more unpleasant sounds because he was embarrassed about it, but Rex had a more creative answer.

He said: "He's making toilet paper animals."

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