Amanda Holden cooks in the nude

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  • 15 March 2021
Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden says it is "par for the course" for her to be cooking up a storm in her kitchen naked

Amanda Holden cooks in the nude.

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge – who has daughters Lexi, 15, and Hollie, nine, with husband Chris Hughes – admitted her family are used to seeing her walk around with no clothes on, so no one batted an eyelid when she recently rushed to the kitchen straight from the shower to ensure lunch would be served on time.

She told You Magazine: “I was quite literally the Naked Chef. I got out of the shower, realised I was running late to get everything on the table so I didn’t bother to get dressed.

“I just raced downstairs, got the potatoes on, the meat in the oven and my veggie option. It definitely made it more interesting.

“No one noticed. It’s absolutely par for the course for me to be walking around with no clothes on in our house.

“Obviously now Lexi’s a bit older she does a bit of eye-rolling every now and again, but they’re all very used to me.”

The 49-year-old star also recalled when she accidentally exposed her breasts during a lunch with Piers Morgan and his family.

She said: "It was at Piers’s house in LA. It was my left breast. There were no Ofcom complaints.”

Amanda insisted she never feels a pressure to look a certain way, but will always dress up if there’s a chance she will be spotted by photographers, but that’s due to her own pride.

She said: “This is my choice. Men can choose to have dad bods and brilliant women like Bryony Gordon can choose to smash body stereotypes by showing off all different shapes and sizes. But my choice has always been to look a certain way.

“That’s my sense of who I want to portray to the outside world. My nan would always say, go out with your head up, a smile on and looking good. It’s just who I am.

“Of course, there are times at home when I dress down, but if I’m going out and think there might be a photographer lurking, I make sure I’m not going to get caught out.

“I make sure I’ve got my lashes on and I’m camera ready. It’s just something that’s instilled in me.

“And that’s not just a woman thing. There are men like that, too – Simon Cowell is the same. I don’t even think of it as vanity, I think of it as looking after myself.”

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