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  • 29 August 2008

Lisa thinks housemates are jealous

Lisa believes some of the housemates are jealous of her £25,000 win. The former bodybuilder - who shared a £50,000 prize with Sara on Wednesday after the pair were publicly nominated for eviction - said people have been trying to oust her for weeks.

She told Big Brother this morning: "I've had such an exciting week, Big Brother. It's been the first morning I've woken up and had butterflies in my stomach.

"All week I've been all over the place, just in another world, all dreamy. A lot has gone on in this week and it's a lot to digest. Everyone was dreading this eviction.

"But now I'm here, I don't feel as bad."

But the 40-year-old sales rep went on to say she fears her newfound wealth is causing tension.

She added: "It's interesting because a lot of the housemates have been trying to remove myself and Sara for the past few weeks.

"And there's an issue with the money. Darnell said, 'If you get through, you've got £25,000! So you're in that position, you're sorted.'

"So me and Sara thought there's a bit of envy and jealousy going on."

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