Darnell upsets Kat

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  • 29 August 2008

Darnell upset Kat, again

Darnell made Kathreya cry last night. The paranoid songwriter - who has been warned about his bullying behaviour by

Big Brother after his sexist comments towards Sara sparked 1,500 viewer complaints - failed to cheer up the glum cookie monster.

She told him: "I feel disappointed and tired and sick, I just want to go home."

But instead of offering a shoulder to cry on, Darnell brought up the public nomination session, telling the 30-year-old masseuse she should not have scolded Rachel for voting for Rex.

Kat lashed out.

She said: "I'm sad I talked to you. You didn't help me and I didn't want to talk about that. I don't find it my fault at all. I never influenced Rachel, ever."

Darnell stormed off, saying the situation was "crazy".

Later, the rapper told Big Brother about his feelings about the upset in the house.

He said: "Every day, someone's crying on someone's shoulder - but at least there's a shoulder to cry on."

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