Olivia Attwood has mole removed after skin cancer scare

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  • 12 March 2021
Olivia Attwood

Olivia Attwood

Former 'Love Island' star Olivia Attwood has undergone surgery to have a mole removed after a skin cancer scare

Olivia Attwood has undergone surgery to have a mole removed.

The 'Love Island' star admitted her doctor isn't "too concerned" about the mole, but she urged her followers to check their bodies for any changes and potential signs of skin cancer.

On her Instagram Story, she said: "I had to go and get a mole removed this morning. He thinks it's fine, but he said let's just get it off.

"Just in case, but he's [her doctor] not too concerned."

The 28-year-old star revealed she gets her moles checked every 12 months and noted the importance of staying on top of things.

She added: "This reminds me guys, always get your moles checked.

"I do it every year, once before summer, have a full mole mapping, check all my freckles, moles, check there's any changes in my skin.

"It's a really good thing to do once a year. Really important."

After revealing the procedure, Olivia was also happy to answer her followers' questions on social media to offer some more information.

Asked how the mole was moved, she said: "It was cut out, they cut around, they give you a shot of local anesthetic, didn't feel a thing.

"It's like two or three stitches in there, took myself there, drove back and it's been a couple of hours now, I don't feel anything. I've just got a big plaster on it."

Meanwhile, last year Molly-Mae Hague was shocked to find out the mole she had removed from her leg was cancerous.

She explained: "I had the mole removed, the removal was fine. I got the call today, and he’s told me it is a malignant melanoma.

"That's skin cancer basically, which is obviously petrifying, and shocking, and scary. I don’t even know what to really think or say."

Molly claimed two dermatologists told her the coloured spot was "fine", but a third doctor then told her it would "need to come off".

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