Mikey's visionary dream

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  • 29 August 2008

Mikey can see in his dreams

Mikey said he loves to sleep because it allows him to see again. The blind housemate - who was left completely blind at the age of 23 after an operation went wrong - told Rachel about his love for dreaming.

He said: "Dreaming is just like being able to see again, and that's why I like sleeping. When you're sleeping your dreams are the most visual thing."

He added: "But you can either lie in bed and do nothing, or get out and do things."

This morning, Mikey awoke from a bizarre dream where he was refused entry to a rave.

He told Rachel: "One of my dreams was about going to this big rave and it was £30 a ticket. We were standing in the queue and I had no cash on me. But I had my debit card, and I gave it to the girl, but I forgot my PIN number, because I hadn't used it for that long.

"And the card was bent as well. And she said there would be a delay, as someone's using the internet and we need the phone line for the machine. And I said, 'How long will it be?' And she said, 'Maybe half an hour?' And I said, 'But the rave's started! I'm missing out!'"

He added: "And all my pals had already gone in, and I was standing there."

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