EastEnders fans need £900k to live on real Albert Square

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 March 2021

Albert Square

'EastEnders' fans keen to live in east London's Fassett Square, which Albert Square's design was inspired by, will have to fork out nearly £1 million for the privileged

'EastEnders' fans will have to fork out around £900,000 if they want to live on the real Albert Square.

New research from Bankrate – an online mortgage comparison and financial informational site – has revealed the average house price in east London's Fassett Square, which inspired the design of the famous BBC One soap's square, is £900,132.

And 'EastEnders' appears to have drawn people to the famous square, as the average price to live there is more than £300,000 above the average house price for the area, which is £587,474.

The soap was created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland, and the show's producers based the Albert Square design on Dalston's Fassett Square.

The programme's Bridge Street Market was inspired by a market close by on London's Ridley Road, and the bridge itself was based on one near BBC Television Centre, which carries Tube trains over Wood Lane.

Albert Square is in the fictional borough of Walford, which was named after Walford Rd in Dalston, where Tony lived, and it is also a mixture of Walthamstow and Stratford, which is where Tony and Julia were from respectively.

What's more, fans of 'Harry Potter' can snap up a property on the same street as the famous wizard, Picket Post Close in Bracknell, Berkshire – where Privet Drive scenes were filmed – for just over £580,000, while the average house price for the area is just under £400,000.  

Other famous streets which are more expensive to live in than their surrounding area include London's Oxford Street.

The average house price for a plush pad there will set buyers back more than £6.2 million, a huge 374 per cent increase on the £1.3 million average price for the area.

Houses on Liverpool's Penny Lane go for an average of £569,778, compared to the area average of £182,534.

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