Gabriel Clark hopes Victor Brothers is 'taken down'

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  • 11 March 2021
Benjamin O’Mahony

Benjamin O’Mahony

Gabriel Clark - who plays Ollie Morgan in 'Hollyoaks' - has revealed he wants drug kingpin Victor Brothers to be "taken down"

'Hollyoaks' star Gabriel Clark wants drug kingpin Victor Brothers to be "taken down".

The actor – who plays Ollie Morgan in the Channel 4 soap – has revealed he'd love to see villainous Victor be brought to justice, and he'd "love" it if Ollie were the one to get revenge.

He said: "I think Victor needs to be taken down, and I'd love it if Ollie was the one to do that."

Asked about Ollie's frame of mind, Gabriel told Inside Soap magazine: "Ollie really wants to do right by Sid. He wants to bring down the County Lines drugs operation, I think what spurs him on as well is the fact that he's lost everything because of it.

"In a way, I don't reckon Ollie's considering what more he could lose – there's a lot at stake, and as we've seen with Sid, it's life or death."

Benjamin O’Mahony was cast as Victor last year and, at the time, he described his character as a manipulative baddie.

Speaking about his role on the show, the actor explained: "Victor is (arguably) a sociopath who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

"He’s perfectly comfortable with manipulating and exploiting vulnerable children to build himself the empire he thinks he deserves."

The soap star also revealed his character "loves to see the fear in people’s eyes".

He said: "Victor is a complex character with a dark past and those are the parts that are always the most satisfying to play.

"I would argue that Victor sees himself as an efficient businessman working within a violent industry, but there is another side to him that is addicted to the power and loves to see the fear in people’s eyes."

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