Antony Cotton has own 'bargain room' dedicated to his savvy shopping

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  • 11 March 2021
Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton

'Coronation Street' actor Antony Cotton has a room in his house full of his bargain buys, such as toilet roll, dishwasher tablets and scented candles, and he likes to go into the space when he is "feeling down"

Antony Cotton has a "bargain room" full of his bulk buys, and he likes to visit the space when he is "feeling down".

The 'Coronation Street' actor stocks up on toilet roll, dishwasher tablets and scented candles, among other products, when he sees a good offer, and he has a whole room in his home dedicated to his savvy shopping.

He said: "I stock up on things like dishwasher tablets and put them in the room so I've always got a supply.

"I've got everything in there, from scented candles to loo roll.

"I've been brought up to believe small things add up, like unbranded dishwasher tablets.

"I take pride in that. That to me is value.

"The same product, that does the job, but without paying for the extras.

"If I'm ever feeling down, I pop into the bargain room and survey my loot.

"Let's face it, the last year has been a difficult year for everyone and I think value for money matters now more than ever."

Antony – who plays Sean Tully on the ITV soap – admitted he found the first coronavirus pandemic lockdown "hard", but he is trying to "stay positive" amid the third lockdown.

Asked how he is coping during lockdown, the 45-year-old star added to new! magazine: "I think we've just got to get on with it.

"I found the first lockdown hard, so doing it all again hasn't been great.

"But like everyone up north, we've just got to stay positive."

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