Christine McGuinness' mum finishes chemo

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  • 11 March 2021
Christine McGuinness

Christine McGuinness

Christine McGuinness has praised her "superwoman" mum after she completed chemotherapy after six months of treatment

Christine McGuinness has praised her "superwoman" mum after she finished her chemotherapy.

The 32-year-old model – who has children Felicity, five, and seven-year-old twins Penelope and Leo, with her husband Paddy McGuinness – has honoured her "fighter" mother after she completed six months of chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Sharing a snap of her mum ringing the bell to signal she has finished treatment, Christine wrote: "What a woman my mum has officially finished 6 months chemotherapy for breast cancer this is a very happy day. Her treatment will continue with radiotherapy but finishing her chemo is a massive milestone

"Her love and strength never ceases to amaze me, she’s been a fighter her while life. My mum is my superwoman!. I wish we could have been there for her, it’s been a long 7 months without seeing her and my children miss nanny so much, hopefully we can see her this summer after she has her second vaccine (sic)"

Christine also thanked the hospital and its staff who have helped her mum through her treatment.

She added: "Thank you so much to all of the Drs and nurses #NHS @nhswebsite @macmillancancer #LilacCentre St. Helens who have looked after my mum and will continue to do so. I would not have a mum and my children wouldn’t have a nanny without you.Thank you so much (sic)"

Christine later took to her Instagram Story to celebrate the "massive milestone" and is looking forward to being able to spend time with her mum once the coronavirus lockdown has lifted.

Holding back the tears, she said: "It's been a really emotional day. My mums just rang the bell which means she's completed her chemotherapy. She's been having chemotherapy for six months and ringing the bell means that she's finished.

"She's honestly the most amazing, incredible, strongest woman I've ever met, and she's done it all with a smile on her face. Even when she was ringing the bell she was laughing ... I'm so proud of her, She's done chemo on her own ... I miss her so much. The kids miss her. We haven't seen her for eight months. She's had her first vaccine – she gets her next vaccine in may, so hopefully, we'll be able to see her for summer."

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