Rita Simons: I've become a rambler amid lockdown

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  • 11 March 2021
Rita Simons

Rita Simons

Former 'EastEnders' actress Rita Simons has developed a passion for walking amid the coronavirus lockdown

Rita Simons has become a professional rambler during lockdown.

The 44-year-old actress – who played Roxy Mitchell in 'EastEnders' – has largely been unable to work amid the pandemic because theatres have all been closed, so she's taken to walking in the countryside in her free time.

Asked if she's enjoyed slowing down over the last year, Rita – who has 15-year-old twins Jaimee and Maiya with her ex-husband Theo  Silveston – said: "Yes, to stop and process has been a gift. I know it's been awful but for me it's been a blessing and my kids have got to see me.

"But it is hard because my industry has been wiped. I haven't been able to work properly for a year. Like all people in theatre, I've not earned properly for a year.

"It's been hard, but weirdly I don't think I'd have changed it for the world, even without earning.

"I've become a professional rambler in lockdown. Walking has got me through everything. I'm desperate to move to the country.

"I can't, as my kids are at school, but I've said I will when they are driving."

Rita finds herself in a better financial position compared to a lot of actors and actresses amid the lockdown.

But the former soap star has still been forced to make some significant lifestyle changes, as she adjusts to her new reality.

She told new! magazine: "I've been lucky that I've worked so much in the past that I'm not about to starve. And I've been lucky to do a couple of game shows, but I didn't get any furlough.

"I've had to completely change the way I spend and the way we live for this period. I had to tell myself I don't need my nails or hair done. I cut back on everything and obviously there have been no holidays, but it's been the toughest moment for my career financially."

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