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Arena Flowers Mother's Day collection: 'Seasonal bouquets that'll bring colour and delight to your mum on her special day'

Arena Flowers Mother's Day collection:

From springtime showstoppers to elegant arrangements, the ethical flower company has your Mother's Day blooms sorted

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's a difficult reminder that for many of us, it'll have been far, far longer than we'd like since we last saw our mums. Luckily there are plenty of ways for us to send some long-distance love this year, and Arena Flowers is currently offering an array of gorgeous, seasonal bouquets that'll bring colour and delight to your mum on her special day.

Having previously reviewed their subscription service and their Christmas collection, we're clearly big Arena fans. This was my first time receiving Arena bouquets, and even with all the hype, the experience did not disappoint. My flowers came in upright cardboard boxes that kept the arrangements in pristine condition, and arrived less than two days after I placed my order. I was also deeply impressed by the lack of single-use waste there was involved in the packaging – every element was easily recyclable, from the cardboard fittings and biodegradable twine, to the compostable nutrient sachets.

Arena Flowers Mother's Day collection

Mother's Love bouquet

However, it's really the flowers that made the biggest impression. When Arena Flowers boasts of their 'obsessive attention to detail', do take them at their word. Their Mother's Love bouquet features an incredible profusion of yellow and lilac roses, waxflowers, lisianthus and lush foliage. The artful arrangement of these diverse blooms was stunning – I was truly taken aback by the volume and style of the bouquet, and since its arrival, the flowers have taken pride of place in my living room, bringing a new springtime freshness to my flat. My flowers were already in full bloom when they arrived, but four days on and they've still retained their freshness well.

Arena Flowers Mother's Day collection

Mother's Day Tulips

Equally impressive are their Mother's Day tulips – 25 beautiful blush-coloured tulips brightened with sprigs of white gypsophila. Though the overall effect is less dramatic than the Mother's Love bouquet, I truly enjoyed their quieter, more elegant appearance. The tulip bulbs were still tightly closed when they arrived, and I've enjoyed watching them gradually open up into their vivid colour over the past few days. If you're really looking to pull out all the stops this year, Arena's Mother's Day bouquets can also be paired with other gifts that your mum will enjoy, like this gift set that combines the tulips with nourishing hand cream and an embossed candle.

Even though nothing can make up for the difficulties of being away from friends and family during special occasions, Arena Flowers have clearly put a great deal of love, care and attention into their bouquets. Moreover, as the UK's top-rated ethical florist, which has taken great proactive strides towards carbon neutrality and sustainability in all aspects of their business, their customers can be assured that bringing their floral delights into our homes is also doing good to the wider planet. So remember to ring your mum this Sunday – and if you're looking to surprise her with some extra special cheer, Arena is here to help.

Arena Flowers' Mother's Day collection ranges from £20–£120. Browse the range and save 5% on your order with code AF-EXAF-5 or save £5 when you spend £35 with code AF-EXAF-5OFF35.

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