Helen Flanagan: I need to work on being more chilled ahead of 3rd baby

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  • 9 March 2021
Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan

'Coronation Street' actress Helen Flanagan is planning to work on "being more chilled" ahead of welcoming her third child into the world, and the soap star is aware she needs to try not to "sweat the small stuff" in life as much as she does

Helen Flanagan is planning to work on "being more chilled" ahead of her third baby.

The 'Coronation Street' actress – who has daughters Matilda, five, and two-year-old Delilah, with pro footballer fiance Scott Sinclair – is 38 weeks pregnant with her third child, and while the Rosie Webster star is well aware that nobody "has it together all the time", she is hoping to teach herself not to "sweat the small stuff" so much.

She wrote on Instagram: "No one has it together all the time. Knowing that I’m going to have three children, three years apart, I know I need to work on being more chilled, even more patient and not sweat the small stuff. The other day Delilah would not take off her slippers to go for the food shop, so I just thought fine and went with it and just carried her [crying laughing emoji] (sic)"

Helen also admitted she works at being "as calm as [she] can be" on a daily basis, especially with her daughter Delilah, who is currently going through the "terrible twos" stage of life, but she insisted being a parent is "the best thing ever".

She added: "Delilah is definitely a typical terrible 2s.

"I never had the terrible 2s with Matilda, Matilda was just more chilled really. Delilah is literally adorable, she just has so many tantrums over everything and anything.

"Everything is a bit of bribe or a negotiation, I can literally upset her by giving her the wrong colour spoon for her yoghurt in the morning.

"Getting Delilah dressed is just wow, she is so strong minded. Her personality is amazing she’s going to be a leader when she’s older.

"I’m trying things a lot more different, at first I would be like “no Delilah you most wear this outfit less you are not going to the park”.

"Now I lay out a few options and I go about it differently by asking her “what would you like to wear Delilah?” I do not think it’s too soft parenting as I have tried to be more firm and it’s literally got me nowhere.

"For some reason she always wants to sit in Matildas car seat ( which she can’t as it’s not safe as she’s too small) and she breaks her heart over it in the car.

"Actually screams the car down, I always find a kids CD helps to calm toddlers down though at the same time it drives you mad as you can hear it in your sleep.

"I try my hardest not to bribe her with a little bit of chocolate ( I’m funny about my girls teeth and sugar ) and iPad ( I hate the girls watching the iPad too much as I just don’t think it’s good for them) she loves fruit so I try her with mango or blueberries to get in her seat.

"I enjoy following @biglittlefeelings just makes you look at things a bit differently. Every day I try and work at being as calm as I can be and to be more patient.

"Delilah will not be two forever and she will not tantrum over everything but she also won’t run up to me and say “luff you mama” forever. Being a mummy is the best thing ever but ofcorse you do get those hard moments.

"I do know I’ll look back though at these times with my girls being young and I will think those were the best times. My mum always says that. I think social media can be difficult as often we only see perfect images of motherhood/ parenthood where everything is just great. (sic)"

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