Eddie Murphy's holiday transport

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 August 2008

Eddie Murphy's holiday transport

Eddie Murphy chartered two private planes to transport his friends to Greece.

The 'Meet Dave' actor is said to have specifically demanded two separate airborne vehicles for the trip - one for adults and one for children.

However, while stars including P. Diddy are cutting down on their jet use in a bid to be ecologically aware, Eddie seemed less than concerned about his damage to the planet - and even failed to use all the seats in the aircraft.

A source said: "Eddie insisted on hiring a 12-seater plane because he said he wanted privacy, but there were only six adults travelling in it in the end. He also booked some more of his friends on a commercial flight to ensure he had a fun-filled holiday."

During his break, Eddie will tour around Greek Islands with friends in a huge lavish yacht. He is also planning trips to Athens on private planes.

Eddie is expected to return to America on September 7.

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